Mass Movement Magazine “The Next Thing” review:

23 May

“Melodic Finnish punk reminding me at times of a Rise Against-light or even a little like Pegboy, maybe even a little Social Distortion, mid paced, melodic punk that doesn’t stray too far from the style they set out to play. It never slows down or speeds up, so for me it’s missing that much needed punch to put it over the top, BUT they only started in 2010, so there’s plenty of room to grow and expand as a band. The songs all sound similar so nothing quite jumps out at me, but I readily admit the song “Better Days” has already got quite a few plays out of me. I look forward to hearing more from Dead End Story. Jethrobot” Mass Movement Magazine



16 May

“MEET THE UNSIGNED BANDS > Check out Dead End Story !! They are a great punk rock band from Oulu, Finland!! They are bringing their brand of melodic punk with gruff vocals and sing-alongs with em to help get you through your daily grind. 

Rocks Like: Hot Water Music , Leatherface , The Bouncing Souls

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Shakefire “The Next Thing” review:

21 Mar

“Back in July of 2011 Dead End Story released a self titled two song EP that I thought was a sure sign this Finnish punk outfit was destined for great things, if only some awesome punk label would pick them up before obscurity disbanded them. Well, the band is still surprisingly unsigned but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a new EP titled The Next Thing. So how does it sound?

The first go round with the EP I pinpointed how the band was the same. They still have some rough elements that are familiar to me from bands like early NOFX, Swingin Utters, and Rancid. Vocalist Teemu still had that gruff sounding vocal delivery that was half strewn over each track, one of the reasons I really liked the band to begin with, and as a whole the tracks all managed to have some sort of emotional pitch to them, be it desperation or anger or panic. Then it hit me. The bands overall sound had matured a bit since their last outing.

In the bands self titled EP there were two tracks. The first track had some pretty aggressive guitar work and the song sounded as if it were charging in a desperate struggle to get to where it needed to be on it’s last ounce of energy. It was a tight tune that was highlighted by a feeling of desperation in its construction. The second track on the album sounded different. It was like the band was testing the waters with their sound. It was a good track but I got a bit annoyed with the guitar work. All in all the EP sounded very guitar driven. Now, on their latest release, guitar work sounds more lax bringing the whole of the band in tighter.

The first track off the album has more of a bass lead sound with guitar subtly playing on in the mix of the music. Hey Old Friend has a more distinct drum lead, Serenity and So Called Home a more guitar based sound, and finally the title track sounds far removed from the rest of the album with a more radio friendly sound, more polished production wise. I had a bit of trouble putting the vocals together with the rest of the song, but all together not bad.

I’m glad to see these guys are still making their dream happen and think that given the chance their sound will keep on evolving. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do next and hope that some suit has the smarts enough to pick them up and give them the resources to make it happen. Be sure to check out the band camp link I have posted so that you can hear their two EP’s and make your own judgment. Enjoy.”

Oklahoma Lefty: EP Review: The Next Thing

13 Mar

“Dead End Story’s sophomore release, The Next Thing, is a five-song EP that shows the band refining their sound.  The opening track “Better Days” is a catchy street punk number that is reminiscent of The Ducky Boys’ early material.  “Serenity” kicks off with a solid riff before heading into a mid-tempo street punk anthem.  “Hey Old Friend” returns to the more melodic hardcore feel of the band’s self-titled debut while “So Called Home” starts with a melodic post hardcore intro before moving to a street punk verse followed by a chorus that mixes both styles.  The EP closed with the title track, which opens with a fantastic guitar riff.  This song is also the one on the EP with the most overtly pop sound to it and is subsequently the best song of the batch.

The Next Thing displays a band with a lot of potential and energy that is in the process of finding their voice.  What I really like about this EP is how it mixes styles and sub-genres (often in the same song); the result is a sound that is familiar while at the same time hard to pin down.  With two solid releases under their belt, Dead End Story is on their way to becoming a really great band. ” – Dave, Oklahoma lefty

Review from Germany:

13 Mar

“The Next Thing” first review:

5 Mar

“When Dead End Story released their last EP, in a review on this site a statement was made. That statement was that the band’s two track EP was so good that they would have to go back and produce something equally as good for their next release. It seems the months have passed that Dead End Story did just that.

This time returning with their five track EP The Next Thing not only have they improved but they have improved in style. Better Days kicks off The Next Thing with similar sounds to Off With Their Heads and Serenity is punk rock played in gritty, raw style. Dead End Story could not be more perfect and this is what punk lacks – punk isn’t about which clothes you wear or what you believe, it is asAndrew W.K. put it, a way of life. And if there’s a band that put this statement into practice then that band is Dead End Story.

It’s hard not to give a review of this EP and repeat yourself by saying how great the EP is. Hey Old Friend has Dead End Story claiming they’ll “burn this city to the ground” – how could it get more punk? It probably couldn’t unless each band members surname was “Ramone”. Closing song The Next Thing is more melodic then the rest of the EP but it sees out the record in style. Dead End Story are what punk is all about – they wear their heart on their sleeve and sing with pride and passion for a culture they say dearly love and embrace. If more punk bands followed this ethic then the world would be a better place. For now though, Dead End Story are not just The Next Thing but they are punk’s next thing.

For fans of: Off With Their Heads, Against Me!”

4 Mar

Here it is! Our brand new EP album.

Dead End Story – The Next Thing

  1. Better Days
  2. Serenity
  3. Hey Old Friend
  4. So Called Home
  5. The Next Thing

Listen here: