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Hässäkkäpäivät 2014

16 Oct

“Sen sijaan isompaa yllätystä tarjosi Dead End Story, jonka levytyksistä en ole koskaan saanut kaikkea sitä irti mitä olen niiltä hakenut, mutta keikalla bändillä oli aivan loistava meininki.
Yleisöä ei toki mahdottomasti ollut ja ihan ensimmäiseksi esiintyvillä bändeillä yleensä onkin epäkiitollinen asema soitella harvalukuisille massoille. Mutta ei se haitannut, kun soitto toimi! Setin päätteeksi tuli vielä Leatherface-coveri Springtime, jonka Dead End Story oli tulkinnut itselleen ominaisemmin; alkuperäistä suoremmin ja kevyemmin, mutta kuitenkin varsin väkevästi.”





28 Jan

One For The Distant Shore EP

9 Dec

Ylex:n haastattelu:

15 Oct – “One For The Distant Shore” review

10 Oct


6 Nov

Dead End Story / Lifeline Lost split

Side A – Dead End Story – The Next Thing EP

Side B – Lifeline Lost – Your Turn Is Last EP


You can order this cassette from us (4€ +postage) – The Next Thing review

15 Jun

“Our very own Respirators have received some company in their Nordic interpretation of the Midwestern punk / Gainesville punk scene in the form of Dead End Story from Oulu, Finland. Their sophomore EP “The Next Thing” namely channels the roared melodies of Off With Their Heads and The Flatliners in precisely the same way as they do, which means you can expect some solid, albeit straight-forward rowdy punk rock with strong melodies driving the point home.

Opener “Better Days” makes it clear straight away that we’re in Off With Their Heads territory with its rough guitars that own a nice melodic ring to them, although it’s in the vocals that the closest similarity is found. These are delivered in the best raspy, almost street punk-ish manner while still retaining a sense of melody to them, which makes sure that songs like “So Called Home” consist sing alongs first, catchy guitars second. Granted, it’s a little less anthemic than some of the other bands mentioned in this review, but Dead End Story nonetheless stay just memorable and simple enough to appeal to the listener on first listen. It might not be anything you haven’t heard before, but they take a proven formula and deliver their own interpretation of it in a convincing manner.”  PP-